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You have a million-and-five things going on: Your duties at work, family obligations, keeping-up with plans with your friends, dates with your fiance, household chores and now, planning a wedding. Debatably, the most important event of your life thus far. The stress is running high and you’re unsure how to keep your life from crumbling to pieces, nonetheless, plan your Big Day most effectively. The good news? We have some tips that’ll help the wedding planning process run smooth as silk.

  1. Prioritize

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize! Make a list of the things you care most about for your wedding day from greatest to least, and then tackle the list accordingly. For example, if you know you want the best music in town, book your DJ before the florist. If you know you want your guests to drool over the meal selection, find a caterer before you shop for your linens. When you tackle the stuff you care about most first, the rest wont seem as daunting. 

 2. Ask For Help

Our first question to frazzled brides is usually, Did you ask for help? You cant blame people for not helping if you don’t ask, and more often than not, they’re more than happy to! Did you ask your fiancè if they could look into rental companies? Your maid-of-honor if she could possibly send out the invites? Your future mother-in-law if perhaps she could come with to an appointment to make sure the right kinds of questions are being asked? The whole planning process doesn’t fall on you– and it shouldn’t!

 3. DIY Isn’t Always the Answer

DIY’ing things can certainly help bring down the expense of a wedding, but when you’re about to tackle another project, ask yourself, “Do I really have the time for this?” There are definitely areas where do-it-yourself methods pay off, but sometimes its best to bite-the-bullet and trade money for time, if only for your sanity.

What would you add to the list for the brides-to-be out there looking to simplify their wedding planning process?

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