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If you’re a Maid-of-Honor: This post is for you! As the wedding nears, it’s important that you have an emergency kit ready for last-minute mix-ups and problems that may arise on the bride’s big day! Not sure what to include? Here are the 5 things that are non-negotiables.

  1. A Tide To-Go Pen

There’s nothing worse than a bride accidentally spilling something on her dress (and please make sure she drinks/eats before putting it on!) and it’s good to be prepared for if it does happen. Our secret weapon? A Tide To-Go pen

2. Hairspray 

Although, the hairdresser should have it pinned + poised for the long day ahead, it’s impossible for not a hair to move through the ceremony, photographs and reception! Be prepared with a mini bottle of hairspray to tame those pesky fly-aways. 

3. Tissues 

It’s an emotional day + the tears are bound to flow! 

4. Mini Sewing Kit 

It’s handy to have a mini sewing kit ready to go incase anything tears like a bridesmaid dress, the veil, or gasp the wedding dress! We love this one

5. Straws 

Yep. Straws. It’s great for making sure lipstick doesn’t blot-off while sipping on those pre-wedding mimosas and helps prevent spills as well!  

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