Wedding advice sites and magazines primarily cater to brides, and for good reason. Hold-up though: Where’s the advice for grooms-to-be? We know the overwhelm can be real, and often, the groom’s find themselves left out of the abundant advice their significant others are fully immersed in. Today, that changes! We’re chiming in with our top 5 tips for grooms to help stay calm, cool and collected from their engagement to the day of. 

Tip #1: Voice What You Want 

Tell your partner right off-the-bat what really matters to you on your Big Day and explain how yo’ll be there to help throughout the planning process. Not only is planning your wedding a special experience, it’ll take tons of stress off of your significant other’s shoulders! 

Tip #2: Plan Date Nights

If your fiance is getting stressed often, attempt to come to the rescue with a fun date night! It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy, just a little plan to show you care. Not only will it take her mind off of things for a bit, it will also remind the two of you how much you love your life together. AKA why you’re getting married in the first place.

Tip #3: Remember to Thank Your Groomsmen.

They’ll feel super appreciated and it’ll make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone involved. Afterall, they’re taking the time to plan your Bachelor Party, go to tuxedo fittings, etc. We love finding fun groomsmen gifts on Etsy to show them a little extra love too! We’d say this is pretty high up there on pieces of advice for grooms-to-be.

Tip #4: Practice Your Vows Beforehand

If you’ve decided to handwrite your vows, you’ll want to make sure to practice lots beforehand! While it’s totally acceptable to have a sheet to read from incase you stumble on words or need it as a reference point, it’s way better to go in with a good grasp on what should be said. A tip? Make eye contact with your sweetie during this special moment. 

Tip #5: Rent Your Tuxedo 6 Months in Advance

One of our most crucial pieces of advice for grooms to-be-be is this one.This will allow time to solve any problems that may arise and assure that the one you have in mind to order is in-stock. 

Grooms, what would you add?

Photo Credit: K. Talley Photography

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