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With Fall upon us and Winter quickly approaching, so is one other thing…proposal season! And with the onset of proposals comes the thing we love to do most…wedding planning. However, as much as we love helping y’all find the perfect dress + the best photographers, we 100% acknowledge that it can be darn stressful.

The #1 factor being that little thing we call a budget. We realize that budgets are a personal matter + today we wanted to share some wisdom so that when the time comes (or if its already here!) you dont feel quite as overwhelmed. 

So, take a deep breath, grab a PSL + read this: First things first, find out whats most important to the two of you. Do you know you want live music at the reception? Is your #1 priority finding the best videographer in town? Figure out your non-negotiables and then work your budget around that. 

The venue is another huge factor to consider. Weve seen so many brides blow their budget on a gorgeous venue that they adore at first glance, but ends up being less than ideal later. Its true that a venue is probably going to be one of your big ticket items, but you’ll want to make sure there’s ample space for other vendor budgets– like on things your guests will love like a fun DJ or a yummy meal.

Delivery Cost & Set-Up is often overlooked and comes as a surprise cost to the bride + groom. Placing chairs at a table has a fee, having chair ties put on chairs costs has a fee, delivering the linens equals a delivery fee, etc.

Tips + Gratuity are a non-negotiable for most vendors, so work that into your budget now and start thinking about how much you should tip each person or team.

Attire for Parties hosted for you! Brides usually dont want to put this one into their wedding budget but the cost of the attire you wear to the parties and events hosted for you add-up! Make a budget for yourself at the beginning so you dont stress yourself out later. 

Make a plan + stick to it! Do the research and then book with the vendors that truly feel like the best fit for your Big Day. Brides often feel pressured to make a decision right away, but the truth is that more often than not, you have time. Enjoy this special time!

An officiant is someone who couples usually dont think about including either, and some venues include someone in their packages, but many don’t. If you are looking for an officiant to help you plan your ceremony, write your vows and need one who shows up ready to roll, it will cost you. 

Cost Per Guest is an important thing to keep in mind when planning your wedding and it’s not uncommon for a couple to get lost in the big picture when planning their wedding and forget about the details that make everything add up. Every guest gets an invite, has cake, uses a monogrammed napkin, has a few glasses of wine, eats, sits in a rented chair, has a cloth napkins, uses plates, etc. This is a great thing to do and helps brides decide what the guest list size should be. Without thinking about it like that, brides often spend $50 and up per. guest! 

Have more budget tips? Let us know in the comments, below! 

Photo: From Britt’s Eye View Photography

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