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We’ve said it before + we’ll say it again, planning a wedding is one of the most overwhelming times of your life and the plethora of options that brides can choose from nowadays are ca-razy. 

Do you want the bridesmaids to match or have their own style dress? Do you want navy blue or indigo? An outdoor affair or a traditional Church wedding? And the list goes on-and-on. We’ve found that creating a Pinterest mood board before you move on to the Big League details can really help determine what should be included in your Big Day– and whats better not brought to the table. Once you have a general idea and theme planned, the big picture usually comes together a whole lot easier. 

Not sure how to create a Pinterest mood board? 

We have a few tips for you:

First Things First. Pick a Color Scheme: 

Picking a color scheme should be the first thing that you do on your Pinterest wedding mood board because once you find your color scheme, finding everything else becomes a whole lot easier. If you’re having trouble finding colors that work together, we recommend searching for color scheme on Pinterest, they have gorgeous options. 

Determine Your Non-Negotiables:

….and add them to your board! Because once you get deeper + deeper into your planning process, it may seem impossible to add that detail into the elaborate plan you had just created. 

Add Images That Inspire:

A big mistake that people make are only adding images that they can directly see themselves imitating or incorporating into their wedding day, when in reality, you should also be adding images that inspire you! When you add images that inspire you, or photographs from other weddings/events that you like, but don’t necessarily like enough, they can spark other ideas that end up being the best planning decision you make! 

Don’t Over Pin:

Its suuuper easy to get caught-up in the Pinterest black hole and pin for days and days on end, but make sure you limit yourself to a number of pins (between 30-50 is usually good) so that you can get to the actual part of planning. Another thing to remember? The more pins you have, the more overwhelmed you become…again!   

Do you have a Pinterest mood board for your wedding? Leave a link in the comments, below! 

Photo Credit: K. Talley Photography

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