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You said yes.

So, now what?? Selecting a location is the first step.

Even your wedding date is temporary until you tour and survey a number of locations to find out if your date is available at your ideal venue. But how does one find the perfect venue on a budget? We have some tips for the real-life bride!

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Save the Date!

Evening is the most commonly booked time for weddings, so if you choose an earlier time of day, many venues will offer you a significant price break. Weddings held in the morning or afternoon can be just as chic as any sunset affair and are truly unique. Host an elegant champagne brunch, or teatime luncheon, and then take the rest of the day to start your honeymoon early and enjoy your new husband!

Saturday Isn’t The Only Day of the Week!

Saturday night is always the most expensive time to book, because this is prime time in the eyes of venue owners. Sunday through Thursday nights are bargain nights to book your dream location at a fraction of the Saturday-night rate.

Off-Season Savings!

Inquire with venues to see if they offer off-season savings. An off-season rate might just be what you need to get the Saturday-night wedding you are looking for. Many times off season occurs during winter or other colder months, but ask exactly what those dates are for your particular venue.

Our favorite wedding venues? You can see ’em all, here.

Venue FeaturedThe Papilion.

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