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Of course you’d love to incorporate your furry friend into your Big Day, but the logistics of it? They can seem totally daunting and like more of a headache than it may be worth! If you’ve been looking for tips, tricks or hacks to help with this, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Have Him/Her Learn Commands

If your furry pal doesn’t already know basic commands, now is the time to teach them! It would be frustrating to have a groomsman constantly tugging the leash at the alter (when all eyes should be on you!) or the cat run down the aisle from the seating mid-ceremony to chase a bird. 

2. Think About Your Pet’s Anxiety

New places and spaces can be stressful for a pet! Make sure you bring them to the ceremony grounds before the wedding day so they can sniff their way around and become familiar with where they’ll be walking down the aisle.


3. Have a Plan for After the Ceremony

You likely won’t want your pet running around the reception area (you’ll be too busy mixing and mingling + having fun to keep tabs!) so we recommend having a spot for him/her at a nearby daycare that an assigned member of your wedding festivities can transport them to. 

Tell us: Will you be including your pet in your wedding day fun? Let us know your concerns in the comments!

Photo Credit: From Britt’s Eye View

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