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If you have a wedding day coming up, one of the biggest stressors is most likely finding the perfect ensemble for your bridal party. There are so many things to consider– sizes, styles, colors, patterns, lengths, budget, etc. It can seem like an overwhelming process to handle but we promise you, it’s easier than you think and you are more than capable of rocking it, girl! The most important thing to consider in all the decision making, what’s going to make them feel beautiful? While it’s your big day, considering the following when making bridal party decisions won’t do you wrong, especially when working with amazing shops like Moliere Bridal House.


Short hems and sleeveless cuts might be the bridal party dress you’ve dreamed of since you were little, but depending on other planning restrictions, you may have to consider something with a little more cover or a color you’ve never even considered. Since choosing a season totally puts some restraints on the dresses you choose, let that be a helpful deciding factor rather than a debilitating one. If you have a January wedding, let that automatically cancel out bright greens & blues as well as those short, no-show lines. Having a summer wedding? Don’t even put time towards looking at velvet, long sleeved gowns. 

Miss Match

We can’t express how much we love the mismatching bridal party trend. It allows for so much individuality and creativity. If you’ve never seen the Sex and the City Movie, we highly suggest you fast forward straight to the wedding scene, just to see Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha’s bridal gowns. Each of them totally adorns their own style of dress, rocking it in their own, individual colors. Have one bridesmaid that totally kills it in blue but another that totally glistens in gold? Find a way to make a colorful ensemble work in a creative, mismatching way. With a little bit of patience and experimenting, we promise this can so be done!

Body Type

While you might think this would complicate the process x a million, it may actually make things a little easier for you. Other than budget, making sure the dresses fit their body type is a bridesmaid’s top worry. With the recent trend of miss-match bridal party dresses, giving your bridesmaids the option to choose which dress type fits them best shows them that you’re considering what makes them comfortable and what they feel most beautiful in. Don’t feel like you have to allow different colors. There’s no reason you can’t have them all in the same color but in a different style of dress. This will also give a little originality to your whole altar ensemble and stay away from a cookie-cutter scene. 

Aside from providing chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne at a fitting, we guarantee these considerations will make for some very beautiful, appreciative bridesmaids. What have you considered when it comes to making your bridesmaids feel beautiful? If there’s something we’re missing, let us know in the comments below. 

Photos via Moliere Bridal House

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