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Wedding Week Stress can be a huge reason for fights and drama right before your big day. All of the planning and excitement is headed toward the peak, emotions are running high. Unless you have a solid plan for how you will deal with all of this stuff as a couple, you might find yourself lashing out amidst this happy time.

The first thing to do is sit down and talk about it. 

75% of your problems might stem from the fact that you aren’t on the same page or your partner doesn’t realize that something is really bothering you. Take a few minutes to hash out all of the junk swirling around in your brain — it’s a good idea to be really clear in your communication with everyone involved in your wedding for the same reason. 

While the most important person to be aligned with is your spouse-to-be, make sure you are including your bridal party, wedding planner, caterers, parents, in-laws and others in your plans and expectations. 

Remember, wedding week stress is hitting everybody now! A big factor in wedding week stress is that everybody needs to be paid, and not in small amounts. Final payments are due and big chunks of change are leaving your bank account. By planning ahead and sticking to your wedding budget, you should be able to have the funds set aside and avoid any crazy surprises that cause tension and stress before your big day.

Another great thing to do is get out for a night with just the two of you. Remind yourself that this is the person for you and vowing till death do you part is the best decision you can make. Try to look beyond the crazy celebration and look forward to the years and years of life together that lye ahead of you. Wedding Week stress is pretty crazy. But if you keep the lines of communication open, make sure to stick to your plan and budget and keep your perspective on the end goal, you should make it through without any major blow ups! 

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