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Goal setting is an amazing tool! It helps set the tone for the year ahead and it’s nice to reflect on what went according to plan throughout the year, and what you’d like to improve upon in the year following. Creating goals is something that, as individuals, is pretty common. What many don’t usually consider is creating goals as a couple that will improve your relationship, strengthen your bond and help move you in the same direction. Ready to have the best year ever in 2020? Sit down with your sweetie, grab a cup of your favorite warm drink and follow these guidelines to begin your goal setting journey! 

#1 List It Out! 

Separately make a list of goals the two of you have for your relationship. When done, compare the two lists and prioritize whats most important to the both of you on a list you make together. Remember: Creating goals as a couple isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it!

#2 Set a Timeline! 

For goals that that are easier to measure, set a timeline. Setting a timeline will aid in making sure that the two of you are working on your goals and not just simply hoping for the best. Short term and long term plans are both helpful! For example, if you’d like to celebrate your honeymoon in November by taking a new adventure together, have $1,000 saved by April, your plane tickets booked by July, etc. 

#3 Celebrate! 

Later, once you’ve reached your goals, make sure you take the time to celebrate them! Finally hit the five thousand mark in your savings account or adopt that puppy addition you had been hoping for? Pop open the champagne, plan a date night or cook a meal together. Rewards will keep the both of you motivated and ready to tackle the next to-do!  

Photo Credit: From Britt’s Eye View Photography

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