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Even the most seemingly perfect of couples have a pain point, and deciding on a budget as newlyweds + being able to identify your financial goals is one of them. Before marriage, you may have been great at managing your finances and living within’ your means, but when the bank accounts become joined and you realize how different your spending habits are, the trouble can begin. That’s why we encourage you all to nip that in the bud and discuss finances right off the bat to assure a healthy financial future. Not sure where to begin the conversation? We have a few tips to help the conversation flow smoothly. 


List Out Your Income! Sit down together and make a list of all of your income sources. Then, make another list identifying all of your payments. That means everything from your mortgage to your Hulu account! 

Tip: Make a second list of items you can cut-out. Like that daily Starbucks run or lunch outs at work. Those little costs add-up and effect the big picture!


Identify Shared Financial Goals! Make a list of the Top 5 things that are most important to you both when it comes to the extra money. These things can vary from saving-up for a downpayment on a house to your dream trip to Belize to putting $100 into a savings account each month. 


Split That In Half! Then, determine an amount that each of you can spend on “fun” things each month– and don’t go past it! For instance, if there’s $150 at the end of each month for the both of you to spend individually that means that everything from the pair of shoes you need for that unexpected night out, to the $10 you spend on a super-deluxe carwash count!  

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