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When you start touring potential venues to host your Big Day, it’s important to ask the right questions so you get the most bang for your buck. But as a new fiancĂ©, how does a person possibly know all of the things to ask? Especially when there’s a million different things to be thinking about…*Cue the anxious deep breaths* 

We’ve asked our leading venue experts and we’ve got to say…these tips are gold.

Make sure you ask…

“What does this price include?” 

This question is directed at you finding out whether you are getting chairs, tables + linens included in the venue rental price.

“Can we expect the room to be set up as we request when we arrive or do we (bride) need to set up the tables and chairs?”

“Do I have access to the entire vendor and property?”

“Who cleans up and who halls off the trash?”

“If midnight is the time our rental ends does that include the time to clean up or can we stay after for no additional charge?”

“How many hours do we get without rental fee?”

“Can we expect that the venue will provide help for us or should we get our own wedding planner?”

“What about rental, can the rental company drop those off early and pick them up the following day?”

“What decor do you provide? Do you have any we can rent?”

Also, depending on what you need electrical outlets for, check with the venue to see where they are located + if you need to bring power strips to get everything plugged in.  

Happy venue hunting!

Photo Credit: A Perfect Shot Photography at The Butterfly Papilion in Honor Heights Park

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