You want your wedding day to be the day you’ve always dreamed of, but you also don’t want to break the bank. That’s where renting items can come into play– think about it, will you really ever use most of these materials again? If the answer is a resounding, no, its time to consider a rental vs purchase option for the wedding day goods. Unsure what items are best to get on loan + which you should keep around forever? Heres our personal go-to guide.

Table Linens 

Rent! Table linens are an item you most likely won’t use again and can get way pricey. You’re better off borrowing these from a vendor (we have suggestions at the end of this post!) and returning them after they’ve worked their magic. 

Candle Holders and Vases

Buy! If you need simple votives or other candle holder/centerpiece vases we recommend heading straight for the Dollar Store. You’d be shocked at what you can find for a crazy low price, and you can always resell the items to future brides later on sites like Tradesy

Glass and Tablewear

Rent! Buying glass or tablewear for your wedding guests is often a huge expense thats terribly unneeded. If you’d like to keep a special piece from your reception, consider having you + your partner’s table setting different from the guests– a nice set of china is often a good mommento, and can be handed down in the future. 

Your Dress

Buy! Your wedding dress is a special part of your day and if you rent, you might have trouble giving it up at the end. Another option if you’re looking to save some $$$? You can always look into buying a preowned wedding dress– it can be even cheaper than renting!

Chairs and Other Furniture

Rent! Once again, the cons outweigh the pros with this one– you could always resell, but it’s extremely necessary you consider your market when doing so. If you rent that chaise lounge for the corner of the reception room to add ambiance, will other brides in your area consider it worth spending money on as well? Would it be easy to find a bride to resell it to? Will you ever use these pieces in your own home, so you can take it home after the day? 


Rent! Tuxedos can get super pricey, and unlike your dress, are usually not looked back on fondly or passed down in any way. Have your sweetie and their party pick out their suits at a rental location, and then give ’em back once the magic of the day is over. 

If you’re looking for good rental vendors in the OKC area, we can’t recommend these vendors enough.

Photo Credit: From Britt’s Eye View Photography

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