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Tips For Making A Home Together

Moving-in with your significant other can bring so many emotions: Happiness that you’re taking the next step in your relationship, vulnerability as you open-up and make the decision to share a home + make a life together and overwhelm (how in the world are you supposed to combine all of your stuff?!) Luckily, there are many people that have been there + done that, and good news! They live to share their tips today! Here are a few of our favorites: 

  1.  List It, Babe

We 100% recommend that you and your s/o sit down and make a list of items that you may share. Two dining room table sets? Two bed frames? Only one TV? Making a list of items that you share will help make sure that you don’t overpack (no need to pack two blenders if you only have the cabinet space for one!) and purchase more of what you think you’d like to have more of. Buy a legal pad at Staples, and get to list making! On your marks, get set…

  1.  Shop…Together

With two different people often come two different styles. Make a point of shopping for decorative items together, to assure your home feels like just that…both of your homes. It’s also important to remember to give-and-take. Not every little vase you’d like or rug you can picture in the dining room is worth it. Before starting a tiff ask yourself: Does it really matter? Moving in together is all about compromise.   

  1.  Chores, S’mores…Not So Much

Making a chores list can seem childish, but in actuality, the idea isn’t half bad. Making a chore list is easy enough and serves as a simple reminder of the tasks you should complete for the week to keep both your sanity at bay and living conditions up-to-par. We suggest making a two-column list for each of you each month and sticking to it. Shared chore you both despise? Make sure to switch-off so one doesn’t feel like they’re getting the short end of the stick. An even better suggestion? Surprise your significant other by doing their dreaded chore every once a while! Nothing like scrubbing the toilet or doing the dishes two nights in a row to show them it really is #truelove.   

  1.  Break Out the Calculator

Estimate how much you’d like to spend on various elements per. month and then discuss which luxuries you can or cannot live without. When you’re on your own, its easy to subscribe to cable and not think twice about it, or know that you can totally live without the upgraded stainless steel appliances, but different people value different things, and its something to think about before you take the plunge. Make a list of what you’ll both be paying bills on, make a budget + stick to it!   

  1.  Space Is Good

Giving each person their own space in the home is an idea we wish we could put on here twice. If you have a large enough house or apartment, an office or workspace in the garage is a good way to go about doing this, or if you live in a smaller home, even a corner desk in the bedroom will do! Giving someone their own space in the home (especially during the first year of adjusting) is a fabulous way to help give someone their solitude and piece of mine in a home that isn’t all theirs.    

Already moved in with your sweetie? What tips would you give to those about to make the move?   

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