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We all know that wedding planning can be one of THE MOST stressful tasks you can take on. When all the glamour of dream wedding Pinterest boards wears off, and the reality of budgets set in, and that giant Pinterest filled bubble just BURSTS! Fear not, there is hope for even the most frazzled of brides and grooms, so sit down, get comfy, and check out our top 4 tips to destress!

  1. Accept that something will go wrong. Now we’re not saying that your dress won’t fit, or the bride or groom won’t show, but SOMETHING will not go exactly according to your perfectly laid plans. By simply accepting this from the get-go, you relinquish yourself from that never ending stress of “what if this doesn’t go perfectly, what if so and so shows up late?” It’s sort of like the recovery process, in the sense that acceptance is the first and maybe most important step. So take a moment to yourself, and remember that not everything is within your control, but no matter what happens all that matters is that you get to say “I Do” to the partner of your dreams.
  2. Take some time for yourself. With wedding planning always comes having to make decisions solely to please others. Your mom always “knows” what’s best, your s/o may even have their two sense, saying it’s YOUR big day may not be the best way to describe your wedding day. With all the people pleasing you surely will be doing, I can’t even stress the importance for taking some time to yourself. Now this doesn’t mean you have to go all out on some spa day, but pick a day grab your favorite snacks, dial in your favorite netflix series to binge on, slap on a fun skincare mask, and just unwind. Don’t think about all the decisions you still have to make for those couple hours, and just put yourself first.
  3. Have an ally. Having someone that’s on your team for those big (and sometimes difficult) decisions can really help to take some of the pressure of your shoulders. Whether that person is a wedding planner, your partner, your mother, or maid of honor, appoint someone to be “your person.” This person can help to break the news that your rogue bridesmaids needs to get her act together, that your second cousin can’t bring her 12 kids to the reception, or they can even just be a shoulder to lean on when you need it most. Get your support system in place, and more importantly USE THEM.
  4. Choose what matters and forget the rest. When budgets get tight, and details have to go on the chopping block, take a moment to remember what’s most important. Ask yourself what is your number one goal of the day, and if the detail doesn’t align with that directly, than let it go. For example, if you want your wedding to be a big party and really have all your guests having a great time, you may want to invest in great drinks, food, and a DJ, but you can also let go of those lavish centerpieces, and custom designed escort cards. Not every detail can fit within a budget, but there is a way to make your most important details work.

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