Tradition Ideas For The Bride and Groom

Traditions are often synonymous with weddings, many couples love and look forward to carrying down wedding traditions that have been in their family for decades past, but as the years go on, more and more bride and groom’s to-be are looking to shake things up and start their own traditions for their Big Day. Love the idea of trying something new at your wedding, but not sure what to choose with all of the ideas out there? We’ve compiled a round-up of a few of our favorite tradition ideas for the bride and groom.


  1.  Create a First Fight Box

The bride + groom each put in a love letter, a bottle of wine and a fun date idea that they can open when they have their first fight as a married couple.Photo Credit: Love Me Do Photography

 2. Perform a Knot Tying Ceremony

In this tradition, the couple ties a powerful knot– so powerful that the knot can’t be undone without serious strength from both of them. Photo credit: Inspired Photography via Rose a La Mode

3.  A Potting Ceremony

One of our favorites, the bride and groom each puts a jar of soil into a plant. They’ll eventually plant it in the yard of their first home. Photo Credit: The Overwhelmed Bride

 4. A Canvas Painting

The blank canvas at the alter represents the new beginning of their union as husband and wife. The paint they pour on is supposed to symbolize the experience in the years that lie ahead. Photo Credit: Bridal and Formal Inc

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